Ways to Use Educate.Today Videos
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Created with an exceptionally diverse array of individuals and organizations, Educate.Today’s First-Person, Real World, and Expert-Driven videos are designed with an active, thinking, curious learner in mind.

Learners Go:

  • “Inside the head” of expert practitioners applying the topic or skill they are studying.
  • “Inside the location” where real world work is happening.
  • “Inside the historic or current event” described by the people who were there when it happened.

So They Can:

  • Actively think and make connections with the outside world.
  • Analyze what they are learning and apply information successfully.
  • Ask questions, collaborate, and take ownership of their learning journey.
  • Construct, express, and evaluate their learning through multiple avenues.
  • Transfer what they learn into real-life experiences.

Below is a quick list of general ideas for using our videos. For additional strategies and applications, check out the resources available in the “Related” column on this page.

Use Our Videos To:

  • Build on children’s interests.
  • Support and enrich topics students are exploring on their own or as part of a class assignment.
  • Facilitate problem-based learning and flipped learning experiences.
  • Supplement student research projects and other student-driven project-based learning activities.
  • Improve student learning using scaffolding and jigsaw techniques.
  • Meet learning needs in both small and large groups.
  • Provide closed-captioning options for students who need it.
  • Address digital divide and bandwidth issues and provide for learning anywhere, anytime by taking advantage of our always-growing library of downloadable videos.
  • Let students interact in real time with an expert through our on-demand interactive programs.